defective productsBig businesses are so eager to make money these days that they often rush products out the door without sufficient testing. Sometimes the products malfunction or don’t perform as expected and cause injuries to the unsuspecting consumers who purchase them.

If you or a family member has been injured by a defective product, you may have legal recourse. With the aid of experienced defective product lawyers, like the professionals here at the Law Offices of Philip M. Cohen A.P.C., you can pursue a product defect claim against the manufacturer.


The negligent manufacturer of a defective product may be liable for your medical bills. In many product defect cases, juries award large settlements to penalize careless manufacturers focused solely on profit. Our San Diego product liability lawyers can ensure that your case brings the proper attention to the industry so that no one else is injured by the negligent manufacturer’s products, and may even prompt a recall that keeps other consumers safe.

Product Liability Cases May Be Complex

Defective or poorly-designed products may fail and cause injury to the user for many reasons. The fault could be a design flaw, poor-quality manufacture, or simply a lack of instructions or warnings.


Depending on the flaw that caused the injury, the designer may be liable. In some cases, it may be the manufacturer. The company selling the product may share liability. Because of the complicated nature of product liability litigation, assistance from product liability lawyers is essential.


Our first priority as San Diego product liability lawyers is determining who is at fault in a defective product case. We’ll talk to you about how the product failed, how you or your family member were injured, and who is responsible things went wrong. After a thorough evaluation, we can pursue the claim with the appropriate party, and litigate if necessary.


Don’t let big businesses get away with causing injuries to innocent consumers. Call us today for your free consultation.