Work Injury Approved

It’s an unfortunate fact that people are injured on the job every day in the greater San Diego area. In some cases, the employer pays the medical bills, the employee gets the appropriate time off and disability pay, and everything works out fine. In other cases, though, the employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurer sends the injured employee to a medical center or emergency room that doesn’t help, or the injury is serious and carries potentially long-term consequences.

If you’re having problems with your Workers’ Compensation insurer, don’t wait to resolve it. Enlist us to help. If you wait too long, important deadlines can pass and we may be limited in what we can do to help you recover medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Speaking with a San Diego workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible after the event is something you will want to do.

San Diego Workers’ Compensation Accidents

On-the-job injuries happen every day. Construction sites are hazardous, but workers may also be exposed to repetitive motion disease, asbestos exposure, unsafe work environments or even car accidents during the course of employment. If you have had an injury like this, you may want to contact a workers compensation lawyer in San Diego.


When you suffer an injury on the job as a result of someone’s negligence, your employer is responsible for paying your medical bills, lost wages and other costs associated with the injury. The Workers’ Compensation insurer doesn’t always want to pay, though. Don’t miss out on your chance to litigate your Workers’ Compensation case. Speak to our firm about working with a San Diego workers compensation attorney to find out what can be done to protect your interests.

Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Here at the Law Offices of Philip M. Cohen A.P.C., we’ve got over 90 years of combined experience helping people in the greater San Diego area. But we’re also specialists in Workers’ Compensation cases. Our attorneys are experts in California Workers’ Compensation law; we know the judges at the Board; and our experience enables us to make important decisions about how to litigate your case. If you need a workers compensation attorney in San Diego, you won’t find a more qualified office.


You could go with another Workers’ Compensation attorney in the El Cajon, La Mesa or San Diego area, but why settle for less? Call us today for a free consultation, and you won’t have to pay a penny until you win.