People often see TV commercials offering the services of a personal injury lawyer in San Diego. From the basic information that they can glean from these spots, it would seem that only people that are severely injured in auto accidents should seek help. The fact is that this kind of specialty law firm will usually handle many different types of cases for clients.

The work that San Diego personal injury lawyers perform  for clients is meant to help them to recover money for medical expenses, damage to careers such as not being able to work in the same job, lost wages,  or other damages including pain and suffering, as a result of an accident or other event.


Cases involving medical-related events and problems are something that many personal injury lawyers in San Diego handle on a daily basis. Some offices have special expertise in working with RSD – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, mesothelioma, or complications from using prescription drugs. There are also personal injury attorneys in San Diego that work with families that have a had baby born with health problems due to the actions of a medical provider. In most cases, clients can rely on an office that specializes in this type of law to handle this kind of matter.


Work injuries account for many cases that come to a personal injury attorney in San Diego. Workers may suffer horrific accidents that include loss of life, limbs or disfigurement. More commonly, people suffer a less dramatic accident, but that is still a financial problem. Perhaps, an employee slipped and fell, and injured their back or suffered a concussion. There are accidents with injuries that make it impossible for the employee to continue in their current line of work. Accidents occasionally happen because an employer took shortcuts or failed to provide safeguards for the worker.


People may also want to consult a personal injury attorney in San Diego if they have been hurt in a vehicle accident, such as when two cars collide.  However, vehicle accidents can also involve motorcycles, large trucks, or big rigs. A bicyclist is hit by a car and needs help due to injuries. There are also pedestrians that are injured by cars or other vehicles.


Dog bites are a frequent concern. Some people have been attacked so viciously that they have lost fingers or suffered permanent disfigurement. Injured persons may need money for plastic surgery or other medical expenses.


A San Diego personal injury attorney should also be consulted in the case of a defective product that has caused injuries to the user or innocent bystanders.  There are many kinds of products including cars, tools, appliances, or medications that cause injuries or death to users each year.


People are not always sure if they need to consult an attorney in these cases, but it is always a good idea to ask a professional. You can request a free evaluation of your case by using the form on our website, or by calling us at 619-297-5100.