Sexual MolestationSexual molestation is something that no child should be subject to, but affects thousands of children every year. Sexual molestation leads to serious, lasting consequences in childhood, adolescence and even into adulthood. These experiences make it difficult for children to interact normally with other people, may lead children to act out behaviorally, and can lead to long-term problems with intimacy that can haunt a sexual molestation victim well into adulthood.


Criminal cases involving sexual molestation seek to prevent the perpetrator from committing such an act again. Civil cases for sexual molestation attempt to seek restitution for the victim. Nothing can undo such a heinous act. But a financial recovery can help the victim get the psychological treatment to cope with this horrible act, and may help plan for the future.


Children who have been victims of sexual molestation may be able to use a financial recovery for college funds, or to hold in trust for adulthood when they may make use of a settlement to buy a home or achieve some other personal goal. Nothing you can buy can ever erase an act from memory, but victims can use financial compensation to empower themselves to achieve great things as adults.

San Diego Sexual Molestation Cases

Unfortunately, sexual molestation cases typically involve people that the child knows personally. Sexual molestation can occur in a church, at school, at Girl or Boy Scouts, at day care or even with a relative. Molestation may include inappropriate touching and forced contact, but may also include talking, exhibiting, viewing, and other similar behaviors.


If your child has been the victim of sexual abuse in La Mesa, El Cajon or elsewhere in the greater San Diego area, call us today. A criminal case can keep the perpetrator from committing the crime again, but a civil sexual molestation lawsuit aims to get your child the money he or she needs for psychological care, as well as other damages.