When an unexpected injury occurs, the aftermath can be chaotic. Between medical intervention and financial worries, an injury can dramatically take over your life. Still, no financial settlement is ever guaranteed.

It’s important to take an analytical look at what caused your injuries and determine if you need to seek legal advice. Understanding what type of claim you have is an important first step in the process of receiving financial compensation for any damages from the responsible defendants.


What Qualifies as Damages?

There are several factors that contribute to the claims process following an injury. Some are based on the financial costs you have incurred, but others may be based on the emotional or psychological toll the injury has on you. Some common factors to consider when a personal injury settlement is being evaluated:


  • Property loss –If any personal property you own is damaged when the accident occurs, including your car, your home, or even your clothing, you can ask for the costs to repair or replace those items.
  • Income – This has two parts: the income you lose as a direct result of missed time from work due to injuries and future income you may lose as a result of your injury. If the injury negatively impacts your earning potential on your career path, you can ask for compensation as it affects your earning capacity.
  • Medical treatment – Personal injury claims seek compensation or reimbursement for actual medical expenses, both in the present and the medical costs predicted for the future.
  • Pain and suffering – Any discomfort that stems from the accident may be included in the damages awarded following an injury, including pain, anxiety, stress, the inconvenience of medical treatment, loss of marital relations, loss of enjoyment of activities, and difficulty performing daily activities. Emotional distress that has a psychological impact on the injured plaintiff, including anxiety disorders or sleep loss, is also compensable.

Settlement potentials

These are just some of the most common parts of a personal injury claims settlement. Consulting with an experienced legal professional can help you decide exactly what you are entitled to in your personal injury claim, and restore quality of life to you.