In the majority of past cases, it is evident that the costs that manufacturers and corporations would have to endure in order to affirm the safety of their products is marginal. Even so, every day there are thousands of corporations in the U.S. that are making the conscious decision to risk your safety and the safety of others in order to make a marginally larger profit. This decision has been made apparent in the thousands of defective product cases filed and litigated annually, with products ranging from children’s cough syrup to automobile tires.


As a member of the public, you must be aware of such events and exercise your individual rights to be protected against any potential defective products. In our experience as injury attorneys in San Diego, we have seen hundreds of individuals spend money on products that were faulty and caused them harm. By filing a defective products case, you can receive the compensation you need while protecting other members of the public from the same unfortunate event you suffered.  .


In a defective products case, various parties including the manufacturer, the retailer, and the distributor can all be held liable. We recommend that all involved parties be named defendants by the plaintiff, to ensure full compensation and full accountability for fault.


One of the most important steps that an individual can take to strengthen his or her case is to carefully preserve and document all evidence that was part of the defective product. Keeping the defective product as well as documenting it with photographs are highly recommended.


It is further recommended that you speak with an injury lawyer. An experienced injury lawyer in San Diego can prepare the case for you, and provide legal counsel to maximize the outcome, identify dangerous products, and improve safety.