Getting into a bicycle accident is a frightening event for any cyclist. However, in this stressful time, there are certain steps you must take to protect your rights and handle your recovery correctly.

First and foremost, contact the police and receive medical attention. Call an ambulance, or get examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Even though it may appear that you are unharmed, only a medical professional can accurately inform you of the true extent of your injuries.


Next, get as much information about the other party as possible. Take down their name, license plate number, driver’s license, insurance information, and their vehicle’s color and model. If you are unable to acquire this information due to lack of cooperation or any other reason, contact the police with the information you were able to gather about the other driver or negligent party.


At some point, you may be asked to give a statement to an insurance company for you or the other party. Do not provide any tape-recorded or written statements until you have sought legal advice from a experienced and licensed San Diego accident lawyer.


Anything you say can and will be used against you, so it is paramount that you speak with a legal advisor first before giving statements.
To receive the proper and fair compensation from the party at fault, keep a record of all damage caused by the accident, including receipts for damaged property (bike), lost time from work due to injuries, and medical bills and prescription costs.


For more information about how to handle a recent bicycle accident, please contact an accident lawyer. San Diego residents can contact us today for a free consultation.