The exhilaration of riding a motorcycle is dizzying: just man and machine hugging the curves of the road, zooming past cars stagnant in traffic. When a collision brings the ride to a stop however, the fun is hardly worth it. The best way to handle a motorcycle accident is to never have one in the first place, so here are some important tips for avoiding accidents when riding your motorcycle.

1. Wear the Correct Clothing: The most important aspect of correct motorcycle attire—a helmet. More than 30% of fatal motorcycle accidents could have been prevented if the rider had been wearing a protective helmet. In addition to a helmet, there is a practical reason why motorcycle riders wear a lot of leather: jackets and trousers made with durable materials like leather or denim can help mitigate injury during a collision. Having reflective or brightly colored attire will also make riders more visible on the road, helping drivers spot them.
2. Avoid Dangerous Roads: Roads that have comprised safety are dangerous enough for an automobile and they are even more dangerous for bikes. Roads that are subject to rain, snow, mud, debris, or potholes are going to make riding difficult for even the most proficient riders. If possible, riders should avoid riding in these undesirable conditions.
3. Approach Lane Splitting Carefully: Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rider cuts through two lanes of cars, most commonly during times of heavy traffic and congestion. Although California does explicitly state that lane splitting is legal if done “safely,” the definitions of what constitutes safe lane splitting are unclear. For further clarification, reach out to San Diego accident attorneys who can steer you toward the DMV regulations for “safe lane splitting.”
4. Know When to Overtake Other Vehicles: More inexperienced riders do not know when to overtake other vehicles which put the riders at risk of injury. If there is a bend, junction, crossing, sharp turn, or steep slopes in the road, avoid overtaking a car—wait for a visible and straight stretch of road before.


By following these tips you improve your chances of riding your motorcycle and ending unscathed. If you still end up in an accident, San Diego accident attorneys are well-versed in injury cases, and can provide you with the right steps on how to move forward. At the Law Offices of Philip Cohen, our personal injury attorney has successfully resolved motorcycle accident claims for riders, caused by the careless drivers of automobiles.