car accidentCar accidents can change your world in an instant. If you’re lucky, a San Diego car accident is minor and you’re only looking at property damage to your vehicle. In a more serious car accident, you or a family member may be injured, and thousands of car accidents per year are fatal. When your car accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, their insurance company is responsible for paying your bills. However, this is rarely as easy as it sounds; most of the time, insurers are reluctant to pay what you’re entitled to. By consulting a car accident lawyer in San Diego, you can help get the best result after the injury.

Car Accident Injuries

Car crash injuries run the gamut from minor to severe. You and your family members may incur scrapes and bruises, broken bones, soft tissue damage or whiplash, or more severe injuries. In serious collisions or accidents with truck drivers, you could suffer a spinal injury, a brain injury or even fatality.


Consult a San Diego car accident attorney and enlist the aid of someone who understands the process and types of injuries you’re likely to incur, and can help you look at the big picture. You may incur future medical expenses and other losses beyond the initial injury, so let us help you determine what a car accident really costs you.

San Diego Auto Accident Attorney

If you’re having trouble collecting what is owed to you from the insurance company, the Law Offices of Philip M. Cohen A.P.C. can help. We’ve got 90 years of combined experience, and we know how to deal with insurers.


Your auto accident lawyer in San Diego will start by documenting your damages; obtaining copies of your medical records and bills to present to the insurer. Then we’ll look at other damages you might have incurred, such as lost wages from time off work, property damage and other expenses. If the insurer won’t pay, we’ll file a lawsuit and litigate to get you the recovery you deserve.


We serve car accident victims in the El Cajon, La Mesa and greater San Diego area, and we can help you. Call our San Diego injury attorneys today for your free consultation.