If you have wondered if a San Diego workers compensation attorney can help you, the answer is “yes”, if you were injured at work, became sick because of your job, or suffered psychological stress or mental depression, depending on the circumstances.

The State of California requires that all employers provide workers compensation insurance coverage at no cost to the employee. It is designed to pay for medical expenses and provide money to employees that suffer an injury while on the job. It is not the same as disability insurance.


People often need to consult a workers compensation lawyer in San Diego if a problem arises with their claim.  Sometimes an employer will hint that the person may lose their job if they do not return to work promptly.  On occasion the doctor may release the person back to work before they are completely healed and ready to return to duties.


A San Diego workers compensation lawyer can help people receive the care and payments that they rightfully deserve. Our office knows that you need time to heal from your injuries and illnesses,  and that it is unreasonable for your employer to make threats about losing your job or forcing you to return to work when you are not yet well.


If you are not certain about your rights, you should consult a workers compensation attorney in San Diego as soon as possible. Our firm has decades of experience in handling these kinds of cases, and it does not cost you anything to discuss your case with our lawyers and staff.


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