At the Law Offices of Philip Cohen, our personal injury attorney recently settled a case for a young woman who suffered serious facial burns as a result of the negligence of a cosmetologist during the course of a facial treatment, and the misuse and unsafe exfoliation, with excessive application of glycolic acid.  This woman suffered third degree burns to her face, and required medical treatment with a dermatologist for one year following the injury.  The accident caused her significant emotional distress, both on the job, and in the rescheduling of her engagement and wedding plans.  Some scarring and changes to her skin are permanent.  Our client recovered monetary damages in a six-figure amount for the trauma she endured.

This scenario is becoming more common, with the rise in popularity of facial treatments, salon and day spa packages, botox and other cosmetic procedures.  Be sure to educuate yourself on the various treatments, their side effects, and the risks of such cosmetic procedures, and always seek out a licensed professional.  Everyone’s skin is different and can react to the dangerous chemicals used in facials, with serious consequences.  Some discomfort may be normal, trivial and temporary, and not the result of someone’s error.  However, if you have suffered serious injury following a cosmetic procedure, contact the Law Offices of Philip in San Diego, and our personal injury attorney will promptly answer your questions and assist you in your recovery.