GM and Volkswagen Recalls

  Automobile recalls have been in the news a lot lately, and unfortunately this blog post is no exception. GM and Volkswagen have recently issued several recalls in the latest development of faulty vehicle equipment, totaling more than 1.1 vehicles combined. Photo: Jochen L├╝bke/dpa   Volkswagen Recall Volkswagen released a statement on February [...]

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Legal Counsel for Defective Products

In the majority of past cases, it is evident that the costs that manufacturers and corporations would have to endure in order to affirm the safety of their products is marginal. Even so, every day there are thousands of corporations in the U.S. that are making the conscious decision to risk your safety and the [...]

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Dog Bites can be a Serious Matter

Dog attacks are an all too frequent accident, with millions of individuals suffering from dog bites every year. At Cohen Law, we have seen many individuals put their life on hold due to an unfortunate dog attack that not their fault. […]

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