GM and Volkswagen Recalls

  Automobile recalls have been in the news a lot lately, and unfortunately this blog post is no exception. GM and Volkswagen have recently issued several recalls in the latest development of faulty vehicle equipment, totaling more than 1.1 vehicles combined. Photo: Jochen Lübke/dpa   Volkswagen Recall Volkswagen released a statement on February [...]

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Statute of Limitations California

3 Things You Need to Know About the Legal Side of Car Accidents There are a lot of factors to consider when you find yourself in a car accident. First things first: you’re grateful to be ok. Second, you want to be sure to get the contact information of the other parties involved, call the [...]

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Preserving the Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

It may seem that the last thing on your mind when you’ve been injured in an accident is what you need to do to win a case against the individual or organization at fault for your injury. However, whether your case is large or small, your injuries severe or minor, if you want to stand [...]

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Street Smarts: 7 Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Every day, 460 pedestrians are injured in traffic-related incidents. In the next hour, possibly while you are reading this, 1 pedestrian will be killed in a traffic-related incident. While motorists must always be on the lookout for pedestrians and do their part to maintain safe roadways by staying alert and in control, pedestrians should practice safe [...]

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Personal Injury Cases By the Numbers

"Personal injury" is a legal term that refers to an injury of the body, mind, or emotions caused by the negligence of another person. Other areas of personal injury cases can include workers compensation, slip & fall accidents, defective products, work injuries, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more. If you believe that you've been a [...]

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Fatal Traffic Accidents

It is estimated that a person is killed in a fatal traffic accident every sixteen minutes. In 2011 alone, California experienced nearly 3,000 fatal car accidents. Besides the emotional trauma caused by the loss of a loved one, a fatal accident brings with it considerable financial burdens. The loss of another’s income can be life [...]

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